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Zhivago is an Egyptian brand founded in 2017, specialized in women’s slippers and espadrilles, and recently they launched their bags and kids’ slippers collection. Zhivago are known for their boho-inspired designs and colors and are one of the leading local brands for women footwear.


Zhivago briefed Shedding Light that they are not satisfied with their brand image and identity. They mentioned that in terms of profits they’re doing well, but they didn’t like how the brand looked, so they wanted to have a brand revamp.


Our challenge was creating a brand story that wouldn’t go unnoticed, we wanted the brand story to be part of the brand’s identity and not only put in the “About Us” section.


the revamp

Inspired by Zhivago’s brand story, we created a whole revamp for the brand in terms of slogan, branding, and even adding a new member to the family; a brand character; Zhiva.

Zhivago’s new slogan Your Journey of Firsts is inspired by the founders’ journey of creating Zhivago, which is also reflecting how the brand wants to be with their clients in each of their beginnings through wearing their products.


Zhivago's old logo

Zhivago's new logo

brand story

As a team, we sat with the founders of Zhivago, to tell us their story and how they decided to establish the brand. Their story inspired us to create a brand story for Zhivago, and since strong brand stories are always a good asset for a brand, we started to tweak it into a well-rounded creative idea.

Zhivago was founded by two brothers, Ramy Shehab and Shady Shehab in 2017, they had the idea of manufacturing slippers, so they started working towards it. Their first slipper was manufactured by an Egyptian housewife who was talented at tailoring slippers, their team started getting bigger and they hired more people. Now, they have their own factory for manufacturing their wide range of products.

This story, to us, was inspired by beginnings, the first of everything, their first idea, the first women they hired, the first slipper they produced, marketed, and sold.

And since first steps are always special to everyone, we wanted Zhivago to share with their clients’ firsts and be part of it.

That’s how we came up with Zhivago’s new slogan, Your Journey of Firsts.

the brand character, Zhiva

The slogan carried all the unseen stories behind Zhivago, and we wanted to add another element that could further fledge the story.

We thought about creating a brand character, which has a fixed identity, style and characteristics.

We were sure we wanted it a female, who is feminine, joyful, and youthful to reflect the identity of Zhivago. And that’s when we briefed our illustrator and Zhiva came to life.

Any news, offers, new releases, or special occasions, will be announced by Zhiva, making her the face of the brand.

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