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Dara's Ice Cream Case Study at Shedding Light


Dara's Ice Cream



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Dara’s Ice Cream, named after its founder Dara Ghosheh, was founded in 2016 in Cairo, Egypt. Dara was able to create a strong customer affinity and experience out of her brand, through the simplest details, from the store’s colors and design, friendly and experienced staff, to her homemade signature ice cream flavors.


As a team, Shedding Light believed in Dara’s uniqueness as a brand; and we wanted to create something special that we believe the brand needs; a Ramadan campaign. We realized that Dara’s Ice Cream never launched an advertisement campaign, leading us to thinking of creating it for them from scratch and pitching it to their team.

creative concept

For Dara, we collected insights about how people perceive the brand and what feelings does it initiate in them, we found that Dara’s Ice Cream is highly affiliated with happiness and good moments especially in Ramadan where every gathering isn’t complete without an ice cream cake from Dara’s.

This inspired us to think of Dara’s as an experience on two levels, the tastiness of the ice cream and the enjoyment of Ramadan gatherings, both of which people never want them to end. And that’s when we came up with El Helw Mayekhlas-sh, to reflect that both the desserts of Dara’s and our happy Ramadan gatherings never end.

Dara's Ice Cream


To fledge on El Helw Mayekhlas-sh, we had certain elements that we believed that the campaign needs to portray based on the nature of the brand.


Shedding Light's first goal was to portray Dara’s Ice Cream in its raw process because Dara, the founder, was keen to show her customers that what they see on Instagram from the images of ice cream is what they get. So, we decided to reflect this in the advertisement where Dara is seen preparing the ice cream in her home’s kitchen, totally natural and raw.


We wanted this campaign to make people bond with the brand more and get the feeling of it, we didn’t want it to be another basic Ramadan advertisement. This campaign was Dara’s first ever campaign, and their first appearance on YouTube, so we wanted to create something worthy of the first time for them to create a campaign.


For the song we decided to include El Helw Mayekhlas-sh in the lyrics to further fledge on our main idea, the whole song theme revolved on how we wish happy moments never ended, because of how it makes our hearts full and how Dara’s ice cream levels up our mood.

With the exceptional music composition of Andrew Mounir and the joyful voice of Farah Mohab, they created a rhythm of happiness that went viral on Instagram.


The location we shot in was in Dara’s house, we wanted the location to radiate both Dara’s Ice Cream identity and Ramadan vibes, so for the kitchen, where all the magic happens, we lightened it up using pink led lights, to reflect the famous pink of Dara’s Ice Cream. And for the outdoor area we decorated it with Moroccan and Chinese lanterns, p-lights, Ramadan flags and Ramadan themed tablecloths.



“El Helw Mayekhlas-sh” campaign grabbed the attention of Dara’s customers and others that newly knew about the brand, and created massive engagement on the brand page, where customers started to share their happy moments that they never want to end.


Ahmed Kadry


Ahmed Ashour

creative director

Amr Sharkawy

art direction

Aliaa Fawzy & Shahd Assad

music production

Andrew Mounir


Dina Negm


Farah Mohab

Dara's Ice Cream Logo
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