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Corporate Headshots Case Study at Shedding Light


Corporate Headshots




Your corporate headshots are a main part of your persona, it’s either a win or a lose. It must portray your persona that consists of: you as a person, your position in the business, and your business. Most people in the business field face the problem that their photos on social media platforms don’t portray the correct image either of the position they carry or their brand.

Corporate Headshots

the power of image, and why you need it

In a digital world, first impressions are taken from pictures. Therefore, it needs to give the message you want to send to the people who view your pictures. Linkedin research shows that a profile that has a professional headshot has a chance of being visited 14 times more. It shows that you are serious about your work, even the smallest details; like your personal photo. It gives you an identity that suits your position, keeping it on top of people’s mind.


The goal of your headshot is to show professionalism, personality, and your brand. A professional headshot shows that you care, because it’s your chance to show your potential clients who you are, without having to speak. This headshot will help you attract ideal clients and employees that fit your business. You need to be recognizable, and this starts by having quality, consistent images.

Corporate Headshots.png

preparing for a headshot session

Quality is what you want to focus on for your session, choose colors that suit you best, and outfits that reveal your personality and the identity of your business. If you’re a corporate firm, formal attires would look best to give off the professional and formal vibe. Colors and textures would match creative firms and fields that are out of the box and create different content. Therefore, your attire is very important when it comes to the headshot that will present you and your business.

Corporate Headhsots

our process

  1. At Shedding Light, we take you through the whole process of creating your shots

  2. A pre-photography 15-minute virtual session understanding from you what your business is about, your position and your responsibilities in order to further reflect it in the headshots.

  3. Tailoring the moodboard of the session that best suits your identity and serves your image.

  4. A guided corporate photosession, advising you on the poses, and face expressions that fit your persona.

  5. You then receive 4 professional retouched headshots of your choice.

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